“Works of imagination should be written in very plain language, the more purely imaginative they are the more necessary it is to be plain” S.T. Coleridge

“The artist must imitate that which is within the thing, that which is active through form and figure, and discourses to us by symbols—the Natur-geist, or spirit of nature, (...); for so only can he hope to produce any work truly natural in object and truly human in the effect" S.T.Coleridge

In my work I try to decipher the origins and meaning of art, through the exploration of new artistic languages where Nature and the passing of time are the protagonists. The body and matter of these works are overcome by the unstoppable forging ahead of time, and the cycles and seasons that transform them. Nature runs its course within the frame of these interactive and constantly evolving artworks. The vegetable organisms veer, twist and bow, bloom and die, distorting its surroundings and reconstituting the primogenial work.

Inspired by the vision of the poet S.T. Coleridge on the relationship between man, nature and imagination, this works displays a collection of pictorial, sculptural and photographic elements, guided by neodymium magnets, which invite the spectator to participate on the intricacy of the composition. Actualizing his imagination in tune with the art and the live plants. The first step towards the creation of a new artistic universe, the Bionic project brings Art, Science and Nature together. It reflects on the environmental impact of humans, while searching for a truer form of sustainable expression. One that is “truly natural in object, and truly human in the effect”.

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